9000V 30mA UL2161

- UL 2161 listed neon power supply. (PWIK.E215848)
- With pull chain switch for window sign.
- Ground-fault protection.
- Open circuit protection.
- No mercury migration or "jelly-bean" effect.
- Indoor type 7 for dry or damp location.
- Optional with built-in 50%/100% dimming switch.
- Optional with built-in flashing control.
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Products are designed for window or portable neon sign, having models of 3/6/9/12kV, optional with dimming switch - 50% or 100%, flashing control unit - interval 0.5~1 second, supplied with pull chain switch, standard UL 3-pin plug, and output GTOs.

1. The above max. loading length figures are for reference only, the actual loading capability may vary due to different installation way or environmental factors (see User Guide for more information). Electrodes are included, no need to deduct the length for electrodes.
2. The tubing diameters not indicated above are not recommended to be used with the power supply.   
3. Length figures for mercury filled tubes are based on operation in temperatures above 4°C(40°F) . It’s recommended to deduct 25% from the figures for operation below 4°C(40°F) .

Dimming Function: Equipped with a rocker switch located on the side panel, power supply can work in two states providing 50% or full light output. Reductions in tubing load may be required when dimming neon-filled tubing.

1. Installation shall be in accordance with the applicable electric codes and applicable sign regulations.
2. The power supply can be installed either on a metallic or a non-metallic surface. The Power Supply produces    heat in normal operation. Therefore, install the power supply in a location which minimizes overheating. Free     air flow must be allowed around the enclosure and adequate ventilation is essential for long life operation. 
3. Power supply must be secured in place with two permanent fasteners (#6 screw minimum).
4. Grounding : The ground tab provided on the power supply allows you to ground all metallic parts of the sign. Remove all paint or varnish at banding point and install a star washer to insure good contact.
5. GTO covering : If a non-metallic conduit is used (i.e.,  High voltage covering UL recognized, CSA certified), the power supply enclosures have been designed to fit the conduit.
6. It is recommended to install the power supply in such a position so as to make the GTO leads as short  and as equal as possible.(See Fig.1)
7. Always Keep a minimum 1" (25mm) spacing between GTO and GTOs, supply leads, any metallic surface, or supply shell.
8. If more than one power supply is used to illuminate a sign :  
1) Keep 3 inches (75mm) between power supplies.(See Fig.2)   
2) Never cross GTO leads.(See Fig.3)   
3) Never cross GTO leads with the supply leads.

1. This neon power supply is designed to use with neon light tubing only.
2. Output of the power supply is high voltage and dangerous. To avoid electrical shock, do not plug transformer into power source until all connections to the sign have  been made.
3. Risk of fire. DO NOT connect any part of output circuit to any grounded metal.
4. Usage of any flasher, dimmer and other device is NOT recommended and may damage to Me series power supply.
5. Do not operate power supply without load.
6. The Ground Fault Protection circuit does NOT protect against shock hazard.
7. The performance of the Me series transformer may be affected if the installation requirements listed above are not met. 

Additional Info
Additional Info
Model no. Me-120-9000-30(DMS/FL)
Weight(kg) 0.8000
Input voltage 120VAC 50/60Hz
Max. output power 90W
Output voltage 9000V
Max. output current 30mA
Max loading for Ф12mm clear neon tube 6m (or 18ft) with electrode
Max loading for Ф12mm mercury filled tube 7.2m (or 24ft) with electrode
Power factor >0.9
Efficiency >0.95
Operating temperature -25~40℃
Over voltage protection triggered @120% rated output voltage
Cooling Free air convection
Certificates/standards UL 2161 listed
Life Time(hrs,ta=25℃) 50,000 hrs
Dimensions(L*W*H) 147*67*43mm
Connection input/output Input 1.8m(6ft) power cord with plug, output 0.6m(2ft) GTO-15
Packing information 10pcs / carton G.W.8.5kg
View FileMe Neon Power Supply instructions    Size: (386.96 KB) Me Neon Power Supply instructions
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