FAQ overview


About Hyrite


1.1 What does Hyrite do? Is Hyrite the same company as NeonPro?

20 years in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic power supplies, one of an extremely successful range of products including, LED driver and module units. Hyrite Lighting Company has the same share holders and board members as former 'NeonPro Company'. The senior management having recognized the ongoing success and further potential of our LED products and utilizing their experience and proven track record in innovative product design and manufacture has formed 'Hyrite Lighting Company' solely dedicated to manufacturing products specifically for the LED signage and lighting markets.

1.2 What products does Hyrite have?

Hyrite manufactures,
    (1) LED driver or power supply for signage, project and commercial ligthing applications
    (2) High power COB LED modules for light box and channel letter, back light or side light
    (3) Neon sign components, accessories such as neon transfomer, power supply, tubing, electrode, tube support, GTO wire...

1.3 What type of LED drivers / power supplies do we have?

We have waterproof, rainproof and indoor series LED driver, ranging from 3W - 1000W, with constant current output, constant voltage output type, designed for signage, project and commercial LED lighting applications.

1.4 What type of LED modules do we have?

Our COB LED modules are designed for light box or channel letter, ranging from 0.36W to 9W, with aluminum body design, general resistance current control or linear constant current control, single side back light or double side edge light models.

1.5 What warranty will Hyrite provide to their products?

Hyrite will warrant against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for 1-5 years(depend on models) from the date of manufacturing. Hyrite will repair or exchange the defective units based on our sole discretion and the liability is limited to replacement of the defective product. We will not be responsible for shipping and installation cost incurred by the buyer. Misuse, improper installation or tampering with the units will void all warranties.

2.1 Can I shop online in the website?

Sorry the shop online service is still being constructed, customer can only place orders by using this function.

2.2 What is the minimum quantity for an order?

The minimum quantity is one carton(full package) of each product model. But there's no minimum requirement for a sample order.

2.3 What is the lead time for an order?

Approximately 15 days* for regular models, 30-45 days* for customized models, 1 week* for sample orders, ex-works, after receipt of payment.
* The above estimated lead times are averaged and for reference only, also depend on high/low season and quantities, to be confirmed when placing orders.