1.5W White 90lm side light

-COB LED module, side lighting for double sided light box

-178° wide angle x 15° narrow angle with lens, perfect for side ilumination light box

-Using innovative, patent pending CooChip® technology, the LED chip is attached and bonded directly to the aluminum PCB and heat-sink,resulting in ultra low heat resistance. CooChip®Runs COOL!

-Extended operating life at high ambient temperature, 75,000+ hrs @25℃ / 50,000+ hrs @40℃

-Minimum depth for channel letter or light box: 15cm(6 inch)
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The LED chip is bonded onto aluminum PCB embedded in aluminum enclosure. Heat directly transfers to the substantial heat-sink. In typical modules relying on tiny LED lamp legs to transfer the same amount of heat, the results are much higher thermal resistance and excessive chip temperatures of 100℃+.

In addition, CooChip modules use thermal conductive tape to further assists heat dissipation.

The Life- Tj illustration demonstrates the relationship between life time and chip/junction temperature for typical LED chips. The lower the temperature, the longer the life. By using Coochip® technology, our LED modules have achieved the lowest possible chip temperature, thus prolonging its life even under high ambient temperatures.

The diagram below explains heat management comparison between Coochip Modules and Typical Modules.

1.5W White 90lm side light

Additional Info
Additional Info
Model no. LEDMF-W120C
PCB code/version MIJA
Color White
Current Control Linear Constant
Wave length (nm) 10000K
Unit watt 1.5 W
Module voltage 12 VDC
Module current 250mA
Viewing angle 175°
LEDs/module 1
Luminance(lm) 90
Life Time(hrs,ta=25℃) >50,000
IP rating IP65
Modules distance 420mm
Modules/Foot No
Dimensions(L*W*H) 36*21*5 mm
Weight(kg) 0.0420
Modules/Chain 20
Chains/Pack 5
Packing information 30 boxes/ Carton G.W. 12.5KG
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